Cypress Brewing

New on Tap

Supply your own knobs-14.45%
Spontaneously fermented imperial brown ale aged in a Knob Creek Barrel for 6 years

No NUTS -5.5%
Pale ale with raw coconut and almonds.  Neither are nuts.

Basil my Grapefruits-6%
Pale Ale hopped with Cascade and centennial hops, dosed with a concoction of grapefruits and basil  

1924 –13.1%
Stout Aged 3 years in a Whiskey Barrel to Commemorate the March 1st 1924 Nixon explosion that happened right here where the brewery is now.

 Keep the Doctor Away 14%
Stout Aged 3 years in an Apple Brandy Barrel

Pina Colada Mojito  – 5%
Gluten Free seltzer with pineapple, coconut, lime and mint