Cypress Brewing

On Tap

  1. West Coast Hip Hops-7.4% –70 IBU West Coast IPA with Citra, Azacca Ekuanot, Simcoe and Columbus Hops.
    14oz Snifter $7. ****Crowlers to go $16

  2. Peach Dimensional Divide – 6.5% –IPA brewed and double dry hopped with Mosaic and Galaxy hops with peach nectar.
    ***14oz Snifter $7 Crowlers to go $15

  3. Good Friends and a can of Pils – 5.5% –Pilsner 14oz Snifter $7. ****Crowlers to go $15


  1. Elderberry Blossom-5.5% *****Seltzer*** Gluten Free ***14oz Snifter $7 Crowlers to go $15


  1. Watermelon Wheat -5.5% **14oz Snifter $6 ***Crowlers to Go $16

  2. Orange You Glad there is Vanilla in this Amber 5%  American Amber with Orange Zest and Charlie’s 2 year Aged Madagascar Vanilla
    *14oz Snifter $7. ****Crowlers to go $16

  3. Raspberry IPA 7% West Coast IPA Enigma, Strata Hops and Raspberry**14oz Snifter $7. ****Crowlers to go $16

  4. Supply your own Knobs (Simpsons’ Reference) -14.45% 6 years aged in Knob creak Barrel Spontaneous Sour ale
    9oz Snifter $10 – 4oz Snifter $5****NO Crowlers

Flights of 4 beers 4oz Samples $10

Flight add ons 4oz $3-$5

Turn Over For Available in Cans, Non Alcoholic

and To Go Items

Available in Cans/To Go Items

Stouts, Porters and Browns

  1. 11. Naughty 13% Winter Stout with Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Madagascar Vanilla, Coffee, Cocoa, and Peppers 4 pack of Cans to go $20 (2022 or 2023 Both Available)
  2. 12. Jersey Nor’easter (2022)-8% – Jersey Stout with Cocoa, Coffee, Coconut and Hazelnut *** 4 pack of Cans to go $16 Throw Back!
  3. 13. Consigliere-6% Espresso stout with a hint of Lemon
    4 pack Cans To-Go $14. Single Can $7
  4. Lighthouse Tiramisu -4.6% American Nut Brown with Manasquan Coffee Company Coffee, Peruvian Cocoa Nibs and Madagascar Vanilla Single Can for here $7, 4pack Cans To-Go $15
  5. Lighthouse Café-4.6% American Nut Brown with Manasquan Coffee Company Coffee 4pack Cans To-Go $15 Single Can for here $7


***Non Alcohol Beverages***

Bottle Water $1.5
Sprite, Coke,
Diet Coke. $2
Gatorade (Ask For Flavors) $2